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Downtown Denver's Urban Pet Concierge

Urban Pet Concierge

The Daily Mosey is Downtown Denver’s premiere Urban Pet Concierge. We are more than pet sitters and dog walkers – we are animal-loving, whatever-it-takes professionals that aim to please you and your pet. Our services are designed to give you peace of mind and ensure your furry friend’s safety, health, and ultimate satisfaction. Some might call us fur-tastic, others might say we’re purr-fect, but we like to say that we’re simply here to provide TLC to your pet.

Dog Walking

Dogs love to be outdoors. It’s as simple as that. For pooches, nothing beats fresh air, exercise, and the chance to relieve themselves properly. That’s why The Daily Mosey offers dog walking services that give your pup everything it needs – and then some! Each walk is a private session, ranging from short potty breaks for the little guys to lengthy walks and play times for the bigger fellas. We can accommodate any dog, big or small, energetic or laid-back. Special needs dogs are welcome, too!

Overnight Stays

There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Dogs feel the same way! So the next time you go out of town, call The Daily Mosey for an Overnight Stay so your dog can stay happy and comfortable right in his very own home. We offer a wonderful alternative to boarding, since many dogs don’t  take to the unfamiliar location and unfamiliar dogs of overnight pet hotels. Instead, our sitters will give your pooch plenty of love and attention at home, where your dog feels safer and happier. After all, there’s no place like home and your dog knows it!

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